Rajni Jacques

Rajni Jacques

Fashion Editor. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again (and probably again—check back next week): all these years later, and despite doing the same with everyone from S&M leather-laden architects to world-renowned baking magnates, and yet there’s still nothing quite like peeking inside the closet of a fashion editor. It’s basically like seeing behind-the-scenes of the most glossy behind-the-scenes people we can think of. And while their jobs entail telling us exactly what we should be wearing (according to our most recent reading, this fall, it’s sneakers), we’re always more than a little curious to see if they heed their own advice (read: stick to the trends) or veer off in their own direction completely. Either way, when we were buzzed up to Rajni Jacques’ Brooklyn apartment, we were preparing ourselves for our usual fashion editor high.

But trust us when we tell you (and see the evidence for yourself, below) Jacques is way more than your typical, run-of-the-mill editor (if those even exist?), and her home and closet were Exhibitions A and B. First of all, if you don’t already know Jacques as the former fashion features director at Glamour (which means she pretty much knows everything about everything about shopping—intimidating? Duh.), you’ll definitely recognize her as the reigning queen of street-inflected personal style as obsessively documented by virtually every street style photog, from New York to Paris (more on this #comingsoontoaCoveteurnearyou). Seeing as her closet is the ultimate source of her at once inimitable and seemingly easy going look, we were more than primed for some serious eye candy, if you will.

What we weren’t expecting was an apartment chock full of Jacques and her husband’s seemingly endless collection of art and books, not to mention the fact that a good chunk of the paintings on display (which we unceremoniously decorated with Proenza skirts—you know how we do) were by Jacques herself. And imagine our surprise, when hanging next to her Burberry moto and Louis Vuitton leather-trimmed shrug, we found a selection of New York Mets letterman jackets (apparently she’s a collector and a serious fan). Athletic (she’s also devoted to running and Pilates), artistic and, well, sartorially savvy enough to match up with the best of them—we told you she was way more than your average fashion editor, right?