Video Diary: The Coveteur Does Dubai

From indoor skiing to exploring (literally) miles of designer shoes, we go all out.

Video Diary: The Coveteur Does Dubai

The key to pain free travel? While a first-class ticket (#PodLife) for an otherwise tear-inducing eighteen-hour flight doesn't exactly hurt (and no, we don't ball that hard—it's all thanks to our friends at Front Row Mode), it's really all about throwing caution to the wind and embracing local culture. You know what they say—when in Dubai, do as the Dubaians do. For us, that meant adopting the more is more ethos (we mean, it really can't be that hard) and maintaining our composure rather than having a full-scale breakdown every time we rounded a corner without stumbling upon a juice bar. Kidding! We swear we're not that bad. Seriously.

Even so, for our second trip to the City of Gold, it would be a bit of an understatement to say we were excited to have the chance to actually explore all that Dubai has to offer. Picture a Disney World for adults, that's simultaneously the complete opposite of Las Vegas in almost every way (hence City of Gold rather than City of Sin). We mean, it's not exactly everyday that you're confronted with an indoor ski mountain, mammoth water parks, or, um, 96,000 square feet of Saint Laurent, Charlotte Olympia and Valentino footwear. And while a full photographic breakdown of our trip is #comingsoontoaCoveteurnearyou (swearsies), for now, we present our trip in video form: welcome to Dubai! Just press play.

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