Sabine Ghanem Jewelry Designer

Sabine Ghanem

Jewelry Designer. London

We kind of think of it as a given occupational hazard every time we leave a subject's home with a general sense of closet envy. After all, it pretty much comes with the territory when perusing the wardrobes of women (and men!) whose shoe closets alone could stand in as the footwear floor of any of our favorite department stores.

That said, nothing really quite compares to the general—how should we say this—lifestyle envy we encountered while raiding the home and closet of Sabine Ghanem. We mean, there's nothing that really inspires that tinge of jealousy quite like a London-based jewelry designer (behind some of the most seriously covetable gems we've seen in a minute, BTW) with a killer Chelsea flat. Especially when she also just so happens to have a next-level selection of shoes and bags (which, lets be real, is the sort of thing that has our spidey senses going off the charts). Case in point? Her rainbow of Birkins and Céline bags, monochrome Saint Laurent pumps and virtually every quirkily-embroidered clutch from Olympia Le-Tan, like, ever.

While we may have first caught up with her during an impromptu hotel photo shoot while when we all happened to be in Dallas, it was during London Fashion Week that we really got to know Ghanem. From her favorite fellow jewelry designers (Delfina Delettrez and Solange Azagury Patridge, bien sûr) and her blow-out and Hammam spa addiction to her, ahem, more rebellious high school days, lets just say Ghanem is full of more than a few gems we never quite saw coming. Oh, and despite what you'd think based on the whole glossy red nails, immaculate blonde waves and floral ball gown situation you see here, don't be fooled—girl totally has her vegging out on the couch moments too. Only they're slightly more Instagram-worthy than our Pirate's Booty-Scandal-re-run-style Wednesday nights, because, well, duh. "There's nothing that makes me happier than a boring French film, a veal Milanese and my pyjamas." See what we mean by gem?