Elizabeth Stewart Stylist Fendi

Elizabeth Stewart Part II

Stylist, Los Angeles

By: Emily Ramshaw

We think you’ll understand our, ahem, extended interest in Elizabeth Stewart—we know, we know, you’ve seen her here before. That said, can you really blame us when the woman’s client roster literally reads like a Hollywood Best Dressed List—we mean, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain, Amanda Seyfried?!—and so our fervent fascination, and we’re guessing yours too, is kind of inevitable. And let's be real, nothing quite gets us like a woman who can add her own signature touch to some seriously unmatched star power rather than just being another cog in the Hollywood machine. And to be honest? We’re sort of thinking the more time we spend with her, the more likely a little bit of that, well, sartorial stardust might just rub off on us. #sorrywerenotsorry

Then again, revisiting Stewart’s aerie L.A. abode isn’t exactly painful in itself, either. We mean, we’re beginning to think of it as our own little SoCal sanctuary of sorts: a place to refuel (literally, we raided her fridge—but don’t worry, she was in on it) and get a little peace of mind, you know, from all that stressful Californian hustle-and-bustle. Anyway, all Canadian born-and-bred bitterness aside, Stewart’s seriously extravagant Fendi haul (lets just say it rivals even fellow stylist and Wall Group-ie Estee Stanley's) was like a cherry on top when it came to luring us back. How could we resist?

We mean, you know us, there’s nothing like a few gauzy, summery dresses (some floral-printed ones too), those we-have-to-have-them-yesterday studded heels and rose-colored sunglasses (it’s officially no longer just a figure of speech), not to mention the two Fendi ‘B’s: baguettes and buggies. It kind of goes without saying that Stewart’s jungle-like garden was our home-away-from-home for the day, and as she gave her best power stance (we’re thinking she might be helping her clients out with that whole red carpet posing thing, too), she confessed her oh-so-L.A. penchant for In-N-Out Burger. What can we say? That kind of sealed the deal, guys: she’s officially our fashion (and food!) soulmate.