Jean Godfrey June Lucky Magazine

Jean Godfrey June

Executive Beauty Director, Lucky Magazine. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

There’s nothing quite like a sunny morning in the country (or, you know, a Xanax) for a cure-all to hectic city life (not that we would want it any other way). Picture this: just a quick 45 minute drive north of Manhattan sits the stately home of Lucky Beauty Director Jean Godfrey June (a.k.a. the original big sister when it comes to advice on all things lipgloss versus lipstick and when it’s actually appropriate to wear frosted eye shadow—never?!), on a hill overlooking the Hudson River. Guys, the word picturesque was devised solely to describe this place. We swear.

When Godfrey June welcomed us in, it was exactly as you would imagine a high-powered editor’s country home to be—we’re talking rambling rooms and her fair share of tchotchkes both sentimental and eccentric (see: giant framed beetle and a collection of conches), only painted in brightly-hued shades and plastered with decorative prints-on-prints-on-prints wallpapers (let's just say this woman is not afraid of a paisley-printed powder room). After offering us some much-needed coffee (we were in the car before 7:30 AM—need we say more?), Godfrey June gave us the full tour, from greenhouse to adorably slant-ceilinged attic bedrooms. But the room that stopped us in our tracks was, of course, her closet. And before you say, well, duh—we know you know we were about to go there—consider the fact that while her closet was actually a full room unto itself, it also happened to feature a size XL tub surrounded by enough glossy bath products to stock Bergdorf’s or Barneys. We guess we should have expected as much from someone of Godfrey June’s caliber, right? The woman’s only been the beauty director over at the shopping bible that is Lucky since the magazine’s inception (their May beauty issue is on a newsstand near you right now—run, don’t walk).

So it only makes sense that on top of an enviable collection of Prada, Gucci and Saint Laurent, not to mention Marni—she’s got her heritage houses down—Godfrey June had more than a few tips to spare when it comes to, yes, beauty. We mean, she’s such a pro with the whole slightly terrifying instant-self-tan thing, that she was brave enough to give her legs that perfect subtle glow just minutes before our photog Jake was due to snap her portrait. The key? Lancôme Flash Bronzer for Legs, layering on the cream and remembering to properly scrub your hands following the aforementioned procedure. Oh, and there’s totally plenty more tips where that came from. Click on and thank us later.