Olivia Kim

Director of Creative Projects, Nordstrom. Paris

By: Emily Ramshaw

When it comes to our incessant cyber stalking (in an effort to uncover the most Cov-worthy subjects—it’s our job, okay?!), there are a few telltale signs that really seal the deal, you know, in terms of those must-meet, can't-miss subjects. Their social media show-and-tell might include, for example: white-blonde bleached hair, shots of wild oceans and beaches complete with surfboard (and not just for show, either), piles of unpacked CHANEL, Nike and Comme des Garçons (for Paris Fashion Week, natch), more than a few seriously decorative tats (think: miniature swallows on both gold ring-bedecked hands), oh, and a bejeweled Prada backpack (that looks a lot like that original Prada backpack—yes, we’re talking about Cher’s). You might say that at the end of this Instagram black hole, we are officially in full throttle cool-girl can-we-be-you mode with the one and only Olivia Kim.

We finally caught up IRL with Kim when we were all in town for Paris Fashion Week and it took us just one look at her traveling wardrobe to confirm our every suspicion: Kim is the fashion world equivalent of a coolhunter. We suppose we should have expected as much from the woman recently appointed Director of Creative Projects at Nordstrom, in charge of shop-in-shop Pop-In @ Nordstrom and, through that, bringing more than a little of her signature cool to the legendary department store (not to mention threads by designers like VFiles and Hood by Air). But who better to bring a serious breath of fresh air than the girl who, as a child, “started to write all my outfits down in a Sanrio Little Twin Stars notebook.” Cut to high school, when she “was all about grunge, Kurt [Cobain] and Contempo Casuals floral dresses with flannel shirts.” If it wasn't entirely obvious already, this is a girl who's seriously after our own ‘90s-minded hearts.

It makes sense then that Kim’s closet (er, suitcase) is stuffed with more than enough Comme and Céline to make any girl (or guy) worth their Tumblr account have a small coronary. Considering that the girl kind of runs with the coolest of the cool crowd (her BFF is Cov-alum Jen Brill—remember that to-die-for collabo with Cole Haan? Yeah, that was all Olivia and Jen's Brill-iance), it seemed pretty apropos that she have a keen eye for mixing Prada glitter heels with a leather harness. We might as well just come out and say it: when the time came for us to hug goodbye, we were all but ready to head back to Seattle in the suitcase of the city's coolest citizen.