Chioma Nnadi

Fashion News Director, New York

We won't lie. We like to think we harness a varied cast of characters in terms of how and where our Coveteurs' put in their 9-to-5; and from sexual anthropologists to socialites, we also sort of like to think we've seen a lot. And while we revel equally in the work of virtually all of our past subjects, we do have one tiny confession to make looking back on our closet-raiding adventures: there's nothing quite like the closet of a fashion editor.

Not that the aforementioned sexual anthropologists and socialites aren't impactful or anything (there's just no better combination than whips and CHANEL suits, you guys); but truth be told, we sort of love giving editors the TC treatment largely because their day job is usually very much reflected in their wardrobe. That, and we sort of majorly envy their ability to, well, edit their pieces down to a carefully-curated few. Case in point? None other than Fashion News Director Chioma Nnadi, for whom it seemingly all comes down to two very crucial elements: killer coats and phenomenal footwear.

Let us rewind a little bit: we've been enamored with Nnadi virtually every since we first spotted the London-born writer's work in the pages of Vogue. And as she increasingly began to crop up in our regular street style snooping sessions, it sort of dawned upon us that girl is the real deal and that a wardrobe blitz was no longer only optional. Given our familiarity with Nnadi's presence on the New York, London, Milan and Paris streets, you can likely imagine that it was hardly a surprise when we descended on one mean collection of Nike Air Max's—including virtually every all-over print pair in existence, and one seriously sick, seemingly sold out everywhere silver pair, too. Throw in a healthy helping of vintage (three little words: Instagram bidding wars), and a few Phil Oh-baiting toppers (everything from a full-length leather Acne trench with chartreuse lining to the banana-printed moto jacket). Oh, and as if you needed any further proof the newly-minted editor deserves to be at the top of your daily digital games of eye-spy? Just take one peek at her Nnadi by Nature-emblazoned Adidas jacket for proof.