Mary Katrantzou

Designer, London

By: Emily Ramshaw

We'll be frank. While we wouldn’t exactly say our job is tough—we mean, going through seriously spectacular closets makes us feel pretty lucky most days—every once in a while we come across a piece that, well, has even the most (ahem) jaded among us taking a closer look. You know, it’s the dress so special, we want to build a little shrine to the fashion gods that be (Lagerfeld, Prada and Tisci, we're looking at you) and throw our credit card limits out the window then and there. More often than not, those wondrous, couture-like pieces, usually unearthed in the wardrobes of a rarified few (Amy Astley and Suzanne Rogers, we’re looking at you) have that white label with definitive black lettering spelling out: Mary Katrantzou. See where we’re going with this, you guys?

Being fans of the designer since what feels like Day 1, we figured it was about time we went to the source of those magical, wildly printed and bedazzled dresses. And what better time to check in with Mary herself than London Fashion Week—of which she is indisputably the queen. So, a few days after her prime time show (of which, all we can say is, mind blown) we found ourselves in the company of the woman herself, and, wouldn’t you know it, she’s as sweet and lovely as her clothes are extreme.

While it was a whirlwind over at Katrantzou HQ, Mary met us armed with some of those blindingly intricate fresh-off-the-runway pieces as well as a whole lot of her archival greatest hits. And while the designer herself might stick to a uniform of all black (all the better to clear her mind for those kaleidoscopic prints, kids), she obviously dreams in vibrant color, ‘cause up close and personal, lets just say those pieces have serious impact. And when it comes to what people in our business like to call a statement piece, our new BFF Mary is boss. No, but seriously—Mary? For our next big blow-out shindig? Call us?