Fashion Star Signs

Fashion Star Signs

When your horoscope is an excuse to go shopping (as if we needed one)

Color: Scarlet Red

Independent, Impulsive, Optimistic

Call her the scarlet leader. With her signature triangle of fiery curls, Vogue fixture Grace Coddington is Aries incarnate—independent, impulsive and crimson red. Impossible to miss in fashion week front rows, Aries is in want of something that makes just as much of a statement. Enter, this Christopher Kane confection reminiscent of grade-school color wheels and measuring tape-draped Project Runway mannequins—Vogue-approved, of course.

Color: Emerald Green
Persistent, Loyal, Stubborn

Never one to shy away from a bold motif (this is the woman who sent a Carmen Miranda-worthy fruit salad down the runway in 2011, after all), we figured ultimate Taurus Miuccia Prada would love these Del Toro Queen Bee loafers in rich, stately emerald velvet topped with a cartoon crown and honeybee. (Plus Del Toro/Taurus was too good to pass up. Can you tell we’re total suckers for wearable wordplay?)

Color: Yellow

Energetic, Witty, Restless

Okay, the universe obviously gave Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen special treatment. Most accurate Zodiac sign ever? We think so. Not only are they Geminis (the twins are clever, imaginative, enterprising), but these sunny blondes’ corresponding color is bright yellow. Geminis—how perfect is this floral-print MSGM biker jacket in a buttered-popcorn hue?

Color: Silver

Caring, Moody, Sensitive

It’s funny how a woman of such infamous lineage like Charlotte Gainsbourg gets pegged with the most family-centric star sign. This otherworldly beauty, indicative of the sensitive, emotional water sign, would love a pair of futuristic Acne kicks—sleek, silver leather, and topped with an emoticon. Because, why not.

Color: Gold

Confident, Ambitious, Melodramatic

Who more representative of the Leo than little lion Choupette? Leos have a flair for the dramatic and love being center stage (no problemo, when daddy is Karl Lagerfeld). A Saint Laurent gold lamé wrap dress more than grabs the spotlight. An added plus for Choupette? It might just match her new iPhone.

Color: Grey

Analytical, Skeptical, Fussy

With his muted palette and gentlemanly aesthetic, Tom Ford’s smart-is-sexy style makes him the ultimate Virgo. Analytical, observant and precise, the Virgo is the master when it comes to attention to detail—so you get why a little Tom Ford makes total sense. Plus this mink fur bracelet-bag is just insane.

Color: Pink

Graceful, Idealistic, Vain

Admitted, blush tones and cotton-candy neons may not be the first colors you’d associate with Libra A$AP Rocky. We’re not sure if the linkage goes any further than his song Kissin’ Pink (we’re gonna go ahead and assume he’s referencing lipstick). But we do know he’s a Kenzo fan and we’re gonna guess other Libra’s are too.

Color: Burgundy Red

Passionate, Resourceful, Jealous

Not only does Anna Wintour fit the Libra profile to a T-by-Alexander-Wang—diplomatic, graceful with a dash of superficiality—but the sign’s regal, antique-y shades are also regulars in the all-powerful-editor’s color palate (sometimes together, and especially in fur-form. Like here.) Also worth noting that Scorpios and Libras (ahem, Grace Coddington) tend to have such passionate, argument-fueled relationships. One ultra-legit horoscope site called them “rebels that ride or die together.” Sounds about right.

Color: Ultramarine Blue

Unemotional, Explorer, Lucky

Evidently, Jay-Z’s horoscope colors had a profound influence on his daughter’s name. This sleek Saint Laurent clutch in an impossible-to-ignore ultramarine is perfect for adventurous Sagittarius. Call it Jay-Z Blue.

Color: Black

Responsible, Inhibited, Loyal

Who fits our favorite neutral shades better than a Capricorn like Alexander Wang, purveyor of the elevated basic? Practical, ambitious and quietly quick-witted, the astrological profile also mirrors the young design wunderkind. These shapely patent Balenciagas in his signature inky black are totally necessary basics.

Color: Sky Blue

Inventive, Witty, Rebellious

Leave it to Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani: even her zodiac color is on-trend. The pastel hue may not be representative of her powerhouse persona, but the Aquarian’s visionary, progressive attitude is definitely a Sozzani descriptor. For the Aquarians among us, this baby blue Balenciaga leather mini-tote with a little tough-luxe hardware (‘cause you can’t climb to the top of the Vogue empire without a little armor, right?).

Color: Ultraviolet

Compassionate, Devoted, Imaginative

With her ultraviolet lipsticks and orchid palette eye shadows, Lupita Nyong’o knows her shade (seriously—she can wear the lip and eye together. Color us green with envy). For the Pisces who does ladylike like no other, we opted for a stunning floral Temperley frock just begging to be worn to high tea (think about it, Lupita!).

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