Jacqui Getty

Documentary Filmmaker & Contributing Editor, WSJ. & C Magazine. Los Angeles

By: Emily Ramshaw

It doesn’t get much more Hollywood than Jacqui Getty. We mean, when your oldest friends include Demi Moore, Pam and Gela (yes, of Juicy Couture) and Lisa Eisner (who, a famous photographer photographer in her own right—check Vanity Fair and Vogue on her CV—is also Tom Ford’s BFF), you know Getty is one woman we couldn’t not catch up with. We only grew more intrigued when we learned Getty was the one responsible for putting Demi in that Mugler dress in Indecent Proposal, and Jason Schwartzman in a yellow kimono for The Darjeeling Limited. We mean, hello? Oh, and she fills all that spare time styling for glossies WSJ.Harper’s Bazaar and C Magazine, so, like, NBD. In other words, girl's got vision.

She’s also been known for throwing some pretty legendary parties, so you can imagine that stories of Leo DiCaprio , MK and A (maybe you’ve heard of them?) and Nicolas Ghesquiere getting down chez Jacqui were ringing in our heads as we crossed the threshold of her dreamy, oh-so-West-Coast Hollywood home. Let’s just say, Getty isn’t one to disappoint. Forget Keeping up with, well, anyone else—the stylist is actually the ultimate insider to follow: all kidding aside, this woman is Hollywood’s incarnation of the Energizer Bunny. We mean, she’s in the midst of adding “documentary filmmaker to her already stuffed resumé. The first Jacqui Getty Production? A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Palo Alto, the film based on the book by James Franco, directed by none other than Getty’s very own daughter, Gia Coppola—and yes, her daughter is one of those Coppolas, as in, ahem, dynastic.

But enough of the movie industry talk for a sec—Getty had an alluring enough closet to keep us more than occupied. After showing us around her Lisa Eisner photography-filled home and gushing over her new Abyssinian kitten, Getty showed us her pièce de résistance. (If you’re new here, that would be her closet.) And trust us when we say, there’s no better indicator that Getty lives the Hollywood high life than her collectable Bulgari, Céline and Hermès—with enough Birkin’s to bring back for one for each of us at Cov HQ, with more than a few left over. (Jacqui, if you’re reading this…) But the king of her wardrobe, without contest? Her stash of current and archive Tom Ford pieces. Do we have your attention yet?