March's Most Coveted

Everything we want right now.

Maybe it’s the childlike allure of its name, its casual-slouchiness, or the fact that you have a mini-Mary Poppins moment every time you reach inside and realize just how many not-so-essentials you’ve managed to stuff inside—but to us, the bucket bag is the quintessential I-woke-up-like-this accessory.  We’ll take a Mansur Gavriel in every color, plus a convertible bucket-backpack from The Row for good measure (our inner Cher Horowitz is shrieking, “Can’t you see how different they all are?!”)

Squiggly-line frames for those days you feel like channeling a furrowed-brow Emoji, round lenses in translucent neon hues, lock-shaped nose bridges, and top-heavy polka-dotted acetate—Craig & Karl literally created a set a sunnies for every emotion for their collaboration with Le Specs. The best part? The prices won’t induce waves of Céline-variety nausea. So you can buy them all, while everyone in your wake wonders, ‘Maybe she went to a 3D movie. Maybe it’s Craig & Karl.’ 

Formerly reserved for Easter eggs, pre-school princess parties and “look at this darling outfit Grandma made you” dresses, pastels are back with a powdery vengeance. Opt for minty mixed-fabric Theysken’s Theory shorts in an office-appropriate length (hallelujah—no gratuitous inches of booty flesh), or a color-blocked Louboutin shoulder bag in various shades akin to Demi Lovato’s hair. 

You’ve already scattered it all over your room, pressed it into your nail polish and eaten it sprinkled on your Ladurée macarons (you fancy, huh?). Gold—be it leaf, foil, lamé or edible—is everywhere, and trust us, no one’s immune to its magpie attraction. Wear it day-to-day with this Vionnet bomber (office-appropriate), or bring out the big guns with this Dries Van Noten ruffled party-in-a-shirt. (That last might not be so everyday-appropriate. Unless you work at The Coveteur, that is: our only dress code rule is golden.)

From sequins to snapbacks, leotards to lamé, Filles à Papa’s signature style is equal parts ‘90s varsity, Spring Breakers and London street. It’s made for the kind of girl who can tie her worn flannel around the waist of her floor-length Proenza and saunter off to the Met Ball. Throw on the one-piece Island swimsuit under distressed skinnies, or slide into a pair of black-and-white Givenchy hi-tops and drape this tiger-print baseball jacket over your shoulders for good measure. Papa would be proud. — Chelsey Burnside