Lizzie Tisch

Co-Founder, Suite 1521. New York

Forget everything your mom told you about first impressions for just a second. All ancient platitudes aside, we know you likely recognize this face (and name) from the occasional click through a slideshow or flipping through a spread in Town & Country. That said, you may just want to begin recalculating everything you think you know about Lizzie Tisch riiiight about now.

Lets just say we personally began proverbially checking ourselves almost the moment we found ourselves inside Tisch's Lenox Hill home—after all, there's only so much Mary Katrantzou even the most tenured of closet-raiders can anticipate, you guys. Truthfully, we knew more about Tisch for her work as chair of the Friends of the Costume Institute group at the Metropolitan Museum of Art—here's where those Vogue appearances come in, kids—but our interest was kind of piqued when we heard that Tisch was embarking on a new endeavor marrying a new breed of brick-and-mortar shopping experience with a designer incubator. What can we say? After all, mention shiny new things and buzzy new names in one sentence and you pretty much have our complete and undivided attention.

Enter Suite 1521 (named after the very same Regency Hotel suite in which Tisch's husband spent his formative years), co-founded with Tisch's good friend and now business partner Kim Kassel. Upon joining, Suite 1521 brings international fashion shows (think: everyone from Peter Pilotto, Rodarte and Wes Gordon to the aforementioned Katrantzou), from the glowing screen of to its members via super-exclusive, incredibly swanky trunk shows. We know—the concept alone had us virtually running (well, scrolling) over to register, too.

We may be a little biased given that it comprises our nine-to-five, but we like to liken unearthing the depths of someone's closet to a litmus test of sorts. A person's sartorial purchases often reveal a whole lot more about them than they often intend to give away, and can paint an entirely different portrait from what you came into their wardrobe with in your head. Case in point? We would have never taken Tisch for a closet (pun intended) Ashish obsessive, nor would we have pegged her for the type with silver Nike kicks and sequinned Mickey Mouse hats side-by-side. And as for the massive closet? Admittedly the teensiest bit more orthodox, but we're not exactly complaining.