Singer, Songwriter, Chef. Los Angeles

Let's all just get it out of our system together, okay? "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..."

Don't lie; we know you were thinking it, too. Now, allow us to proceed.

Aside from the aforementioned "milkshake" (side note: we're still not quite sure what that means, either), it was Kelis' closet that really brought us to her actual yard. We had heard plenty of rumors about this vintage collection that she'd been stockpiling over decades, so when the opportunity to see it for ourselves came along, well, we ran. Actually, we flew, but that's besides the point.

Just when we thought that we've seen it all: we see this. Because what else do you do with a guest house but convert it into a museum-like gallery to archive pieces from John Galliano's first collection and Alexander McQueen's last? Consider this just a small taste of what's coming soon to a Coveteur near you! C'mon. You didn't think we would actually leave you hanging with just a preview, did you?

And it was only up (literally) from there. After decorating every crevase and corner of her electic abode in vintage gilded furniture, whimsical pieces, reclaimed church doors and treasures imported from all over the world, Kelis set her sights on her "woman cave." Yes, you read that right. Hidden away in the attic (just off her way packed walk-in, FYI) is her little oasis of sorts, which is filled with her drum set and oh, you know, just about a billion pairs of shoes. We're talking everything from CHANEL to, like, every pair of sparkly Miu Mius that has ever hit the floor at Barneys. Oh, and there's even a section devoted to her love for all things bejeweled and bedazzled; we're pretty sure her middle name (or last?) is magpie.

Did we mention she's also a certified Cordon Bleu chef? Yeah, about that. She's got the Rolls Royce of kitchens complete with the Maserati of ovens. After rummaging through her closet (going out on a limb in putting this one in The Coveteur Hall of Fame, guys), we kicked it and got a private listening party to her new album while chowing down on crackers, fancy cheese and sauces from her soon-to-hit-grocery-store-shelves food line. And when it comes to choosing between food and fashion? Kelis candidly told us: "Food - because I can always cook in my stilettos."