Carol and Sarah Piron

Designers, Filles à Papa. London

We like to think we've made some pretty good rounds of the fashion week circuit as of late—you know, the shows, the parties, the battling of internal freak-outs upon spotting Grace Coddington's signature red curls protruding from the front row. But of all our ventures, there's officially nothing quite like a party during London Fashion Week to make us feel about ten years older and infinitely less cool. We know, it's a harsh reality, but simply put, those kids across the pond just know what's up.

Fast forward to the night of our LFW party with Browns Focus. We found ourselves hoping that maybe, just maybe, some of their holographic Pashli and Stan Smith-wearing street style we'd been lucky enough to experience first-hand over the past week would rub off on us—you know, by, like, osmosis or something.

And so just to solidify our attempts, we joined up with our favorite Belgium sister/designer duo behind Filles à Papa (and co-hosts for the evening), Carol and Sarah Piron, for a little requisite pre-party primping. A decision instantly gratified, as the girls opened their already overflowing bags, bringing out everything from a gold lamé jacket and skirt combo, to a Shourouk embellished python satchel, botanical Christopher Kane sweatshirt and neon pink 'Cherry Bomb' leotard. Essentially envision a more grown-up Spring Breakers; snapbacks and sequinned marijuana emblazoned tops included, and you likely have a good grasp on the girl's personal style.

After some major ogling and more than a few impish "So... can I try that on too?" inquiries, the girls were ready to go. We like to think our cool factor was successfully elevated too, but that may or may not have been as the result of a healthy helping of Patron shots. But, you know, that’s totally besides the point.