Nicole & Matthew Mellon

Co-Founder and Creative Director of HANLEY MELLON; Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of HANLEY MELLON. New York

“We are always on the same page,” Matthew Mellon confessed to us.

Whether it’s in the form of footwear (we’re talking matching metallic sneakers, his and hers Belgian loafers and their camo collection of fancy flats) or picking the perfect puppy (he interviewed 15 Yorkies then texted a picture to her and the rest was history), Matthew and Nicole have this almost telepathic way of knowing exactly what the other wants… and it’s always in sync.

So it’s only fitting that the entrepreneurial duo mixed business and pleasure, despite the whole pre-existing notions we’ve all been preached so many times before. Matthew put his Jimmy Choo days behind him (Google it or, like, just piece it together yourself) and went on to start Harrys of London shoes and invest in tech start-ups like Bitcoin; similarly, Nicole gathered everything she learned from her Intermix and Ralph Lauren days to launch her eponymous line before joining forces with her better half to start, well, HANLEY MELLON, duh.

But the fashion thing has been in both their DNA since, like, way back when. “I remember going with my grandmother to the dressmaker. I remember the delicate manner in which her suitcases were packed and the care with which each pieces was gently and precisely hung. I remember my mother in Givenchy, Valentino, and Guy Laroche and sitting with her in her dressing room as she dressed to go out.  I remember my father’s suit closet filled with Morty Sills' perfection.  And, I remember designing my own dresses,” she told us showing us a collage of her, uh, younger, more awkward years. “The Jessica McClintock trend of my pre-teens was not my look, so my mother would take me to buy fabric to make the one silhouette dress I liked over and over…” See? It all comes full circle, right?

We caught up with the idiosyncratic couple at the home at the Pierre, which is filled with insane works of art from Basquiat, Warhol, Hirst (in their kids’ room, nonetheless) and they’re hoping to add a Lichtenstein next. After getting well acquainted with their angelic little ones, Olympia and Force (oh, and let’s not forget that perfect puppy, Tuleh), we got way deep in the weirdly identical wardrobes. There was one major difference, though, that couldn’t help but go unnoticed: Nicole’s extensive Balenciaga “City” bag collection. Let’s just say it started a tradition in gift giving with her sister and the rest is technicolor history. (Olympia, you’re one lucky little girl.)