Caley Lawson-Rinker

Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, Los Angeles.

Almost every successful person will tell you they had some sort of mentor who taught them everything they know and helped them get to where they are today. Fortunately for stylist, Caley Lawson-Rinker, she was warmly brought under the wing of Cov-alum and celebrity stylist Tara Swennen to learn the ropes. "So much of where I am in my career is because of Tara,” she told us. She taught me not only the basics of being a stylist but that you can be a good, kind person and keep your integrity through it all. Something that I think is hard to do in this business, especially the more successful you become."

And for the girl who grew up playing dress-up, she set her sights on success pretty early on and carved out the path she wanted straight out of high school. "Coming from a small town I think a lot of people think they can’t dream big and that what they want isn’t attainable. I was never that way. I always had big dreams and goals for myself. I’m very hard on myself. When I say I’m going to do something I do it - no excuses. When I came out to L.A. failure was never an option." Lawson-Rinker got by with a little help from her friend, Swennen then worked on building her own clientele (read: Gwyneth Paltrow, you guys!) Little known fact: Remember that Gwyneth red carpet incident, – or should we say, uh, hairy situation? – which involved a see through dress and an emergency razor? Yeah, Lawson-Rinker was the one that kinda saved the day.

We first met Lawson-Rinker at her client-turned-Coveteur, actress Ahna O’Reilly’s abode and, well, it was friendship at first sight. We hit it off and chatted up a storm and quickly realized we had another Cov-potential on our hands. Fast-forward a few months later and we found ourselves back in L.A. and this time, Lawson-Rinker was the one getting the TC treatment. She greeted us with a table full of snacks and even a friendly chalkboard sign with our moniker scribbled on it. Talk about warm welcome, right? Then again, it’s kind of a Wall Group thing. After playing catch-up and snacking like there was going to be a famine (listen, girl put out a good spread), we quickly got to the goods and playing dress-up like the old days; this time it was more Dolce & Gabbana, less Osh Kosh, though, you know? Just how we like it.