Katie Mossman

Stylist, Editor. New York.

“I can't even believe I am admitting it but I actually went through a
teeny tiny rave phase back in college,” stylist Katie Mossman confessed
to us. “I wore those awful super baggy jeans and little baby T-shirts
with a big belt and plucked my eyebrows so thin. Thank god they came
back! Grunge came a little after that so I started to wear a reddish
little pixie wig like Amber Valetta and just my luck the eyebrows
worked! I couldn't afford the Marc Jacobs version, but it was so easy to
shop at the Salvation Army back then.”

With those, uh, memorable college days behind her, Mossman is definitely
on her game. The times have definitely changed, though. Mossman’s closet
is more like an archival library of most exquisite pieces ever put down
the runway from Miuccia Prada, Phoebe Philo, Marc Jacobs and Riccardo
Tisci. Each piece in her closet has been lovingly wrapped in a garment
bag and preserved like an important piece of history… as it should. Her
shoe collection is equally as artful. Stiletto after stiletto, we wept
like kids on Christmas who got everything but what was on their
wishlist. And we don’t like to throw statements like this around often
(we tend to see a lot of closets as it comes with the territory), we’d
gladly trade walk-ins with this one any day. Mossman may have “a serious
problem” (her words, not ours!) when it comes to footwear, but it
definitely made our day and job one to remembered. But leave it to the
veteran stylist to curate a wardrobe that features only the best of the
best from season after season. And to think this is the girl who admits
to walking her dog daily on her morning coffee run in her ex-boyfriend’s
black Stussy hoodie for the past 10 years. Then again, she’s probably
got a pair of her 1/100-something Celine skate slip-ons on.

Mossman is the brains behind many of our (and probably your) favorite
editorials. Her expert eye and futuristic aesthetic transcends her
personal purchases and visionary editorials. “They are always the most
challenging, but most rewarding. It’s when your creativity can really
shine,” she told us. And while she regularly works everyone from
Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue to Demarchelier and Kadel, we
had to put her on the spot to pick juuust one standout. “I think
one of the most memorable was a shoot for Harper’s Bazaar with
Peter Lindberg in Marrakech. We stayed in the most amazing old hotel and
on the first day there was a buffet outside. I got the worst and only
food poisoning I have ever had and they had to book a room in the Souk
for me while we were shooting so I could run up every few minutes when I
was sick! Ugh! But I will never forget it.” Hey, it happens to the best
of us, right?