Jessica De Ruiter

Stylist & Creative Consultant. Los Angeles

If there are two seemingly polar opposite bastions of good taste and all that is aesthetically pleasing, it's the Olsens and Martha Stewart. We mean, chances are that if you just so happen to have the seal of approval from both, you're likely on to a seriously good thing, right?

Enter Jessica de Ruiter, the Canadian-turned-Californian stylist (and mom) who's dressed everyone from Drew Barrymore to Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Lawrence and even Robert Pattinson (!). She's also worked the hallowed halls of the West Coast outposts of WWD, W Magazine and Vogue followed by a brief stint at Teen Vogue before heading back to Los Angeles. Exhausted yet? We know, we know—we're trying to keep up too.

Fast-forward to de Ruiter welcoming us into her (Martha-approved) Silver Lake home one sunny afternoon. Let's just say there's a reason why the stylist's name has kind of become synonymous with interior design porn; we're talking gorgeous custom marble counter tops, huge windows with streaming-in sunlight and the same kind of uniquely laidback Californian details and classic surf culture references that pepper de Ruiter's styling work. And would you expect anything less from the girl who got her start assisting the one and only Camilla Nickerson? Answer: No.

Making our way through de Ruiter's Philo-filled (excuse us, Philled) closet, a few common themes and threads became eminently clear—girl knows how to edit. With a serious thing for classic, well-tailored separates and stand-outs—and a few half-dozen pairs of denim cut-offs thrown in for good measure—de Ruiter's kind of the ultimate study in uniform dressing. And because no sunny afternoon shoot in Los Angeles is really quite complete without making a splash, we wrapped the whole thing with a brief photo shoot, pool-side. Let it be known: Ruiter is (non-surprisingly) the type of girl who can work an all-black Céline-clad look poolside in the middle of the Los Angeles summer heat. Not bad for a Canadian girl, huh... or should we say "eh?"