Kourtney Kardashian


By: Stacie Brockman

Every totally normal Monday consists of hanging out (sorry—keeping up) with a Kardashian (or two!), right?

Okay, so maybe not. But when one of 'em invites you to take a peek inside their recently completely redecorated digs, you don't exactly refuse. And if an old friend—ahem, Khloe—just so happens to be there, too, the more the merrier, right? Welcoming us in, Kourtney gave us full grand tour of her place (with little "P" in her arms, mind you), which she recently revamped with a little help from designer Jeff Andrews. And also a slightly more D.I.Y.-friendly source: Pinterest. Kardashian admitted to gathering extensive inspiration from Pinterest (let that register for a sec: a Kardashian could be browsing your pinboards on the regular), right down to the color-coded bookshelves. Insert US Weekly's 'Celebrities—They're Just Like Us!' moment here. "Interior decor is my guilty pleasure. If I'm going to splurge on something, it's more for my home than for clothes," she confessed to us.

The peek inside Kardashian's home instantly announces a few of her favorite things—namely, all things black and white (by which we literally mean anything and everything from her shoes to her décor) and Minnie Mouse. While both Mason and Penelope have their very own pairs of ears, their mom proudly wears a vintage gold pair and the decidedly more grown-up version—a Minnie-inspired Comme des Garçons topper that Kim gave her for Christmas.

The Kardashian's kloset is kind of the "mi casa es su casa" vibe. While Kourtney collected vintage Moschino and CHANEL from her mom, Kris and grandmother, she totally payed it forward passing on pieces from her closet to Kendall and Kylie, making sharing privileges with Kim and, uh, stealing from Khloe. '[Growing up,] Kim and I always shared everything," she told us. "We would have items that were both of ours and then we would say, ‘This is my week for having it, this is her week for having it.' When Khloe and Kourtney lived together, she converted their garage to a walk-in and she may or may not have copped to taking a new tote (or sweatshirt) from Khloe's stash on her way out each morning. "She's just always had the best stuff!"

Kardashian was completely hands on throughout the entire shoot making expert styling suggestions to us as we worked our way through her home. And while Mason may be the mini-man of the house taking style cues from Scott, Penelope has a whole lot to look forward to if her current closet (and bag game) is any indication. Did we mention that the yellow and pink baby Balenciagas we styled with Curtis Kulig 'Love Me' sign above Kardashian's bed are both hers? Listen, it's okay to be envious of a 1-year-old toddler; we are, too.