Kate Moss

Moss is Boss. Her most iconic moments, from the '90s to now.

Let's be clear. Here at TC HQ, we do try to limit our throwing around of superlatives (despite what you may think; Mean Girls quotes, not so much). Supermodel, much like icon, is one in particular that we try to use sparingly; so as to attempt to actually maintain its meaning and impact. But what other words are there for the likes of Kate Moss? Lets face it—Moss is singlehandedly the driving force behind every supermodel cliché out there: swilling champagne and cigarettes, dating rock stars, all-night birthday parties where the intimate group of guests eventually end up, well, getting intimate… the works, really.

From her debut in the early '90s, all hipbones, cheekbones, and artfully disheveled Calvin Klein tees to her rise as a super alongside bestie
Naomi Campbell in glittering skintight Gianni Versace; there's always been something about Kate, right? And that's to say nothing of her countless—we're going to drop the 'I' bomb here—iconic spreads and editorials with the likes of Corinne Day, Mario Testino, Juergen Teller and Nick Knight. And then, of course, there was the whole wearing-cutoffs-and-Wellies-in-the-mud-at-Glastonbury, playing muse to Pete Doherty thing. You know—mussed hair, shaggy fur coats, 3 A.M. paparazzi snaps at impromptu Babyshambles jams in London... that kind of thing. Plus, you gotta love (or at least laugh with) the girl who once said, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." No comment.

And though Moss' romantic life is kind of the stuff of legends, it's hardly to say that she's ever so much as run the risk of being subsumed by the men she's dated. Note: Mario Sorrenti, Jefferson Hack, Johnny Depp and hubby Jamie Hince; Moss is always boss. Despite her carefully contained and cultivated public persona, Moss may be actually the most public and vocal she's been, um, ever; yet she's still managed to maintain that certain level of mystique and mystery that's so integral to her image. Long live Kate Moss!