Kathy Rose

Co-Owner, Roseark; Jewelry Designer. Los Angeles

"Go big or go home!" Despite our recent predilection for jewelry on the slightly daintier and more delicate side, we're the first to admit that there couldn't be a more fitting axiom to hear from an accessories designer. After all, it came from the woman behind one of our favorite spots to shop and stock up on our stacks while on the West Coast. In case you hadn't already guessed, we're talking about Kathy Rose of Roseark, a one-stop shop for virtually all of your accoutrement-minded needs. Oh, and she just so happens to besties with Cass Bird. Need we say more?

Welcoming us into her Beverly Hills home, the Iranian-born designer's abode couldn't be more in line with her personal style—and yet simultaneously couldn't have been further away from the aesthetic of some of her, ahem, neighbours. Lets just say Rose's whole eclectic-bohemian thing is something straight out a home in Silverlake. Don't believe us? Rose put it best while describing her look, "Jewel-encrusted road warrior meets Charlie Chaplin on the way to a gala. Nothing too precious that I couldn’t wear on me while swimming in the Mediterranean." Bet it all makes sense now, right?

While we worked, busily styling around her home, Rose filled us in on her working relationship with her 'Was-Band' and business partner, her former life as an actor and balancing her business with being a mom. By the time we'd wrapped, it was safe to say that we were even bigger fans of all things Rose. As we headed out the door, she insisted we leave with a little something and handed us Roseark candles and feathered bracelets. And if you're not a fan yet, we suggest taking a page out of Rachel Zoe and Rihanna's closet, who have both been spotted in Roseark works-of-art. Oh, and Meryl Streep; If it's good enough for Meryl... well, you know.