Ahna O'Reilly

Actor. Los Angeles

So, you’re probably scratching your head being like, “Where do I know this girl from?” so rather than give you major “brain mush” allow us to help. Did you see The Help? (And by “see” we mean, did you sit in a theatre sobbing heavily into an unnecessarily large bag of popcorn.) Or Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Or maybe it was it was her role in the Steve Jobs biopic? Whatever it was, it’s pretty hard to forget that vibrant scarlet hair and enigmatic smile. And let’s ignore the whole Franco factor affiliation and recognize Ahna O'Reilly is an exceptionally talented (not to mention, exceedingly striking) actor in her own right, okay?

We popped by O’Reilly “Swiss Chalet” – “People walk in and they feel like they’re in a lodge somewhere in the Alps,” she told us – and we were instantly taken by her little oasis that felt more Salt Lake City than Santa Monica; the dark woodwork, retro oven and minty modern tiles in the bathroom could not be more in tune with her own quirky personal style. Plus, her down to earth and genuinely sweet disposition almost makes you forget that she stars in Oscar-winning films. Though she had her glam squad team on site (pleasure seeing you here, Caley Lawson!), we couldn’t help but fawn over her flawless skin and, well, that hair. For the record, O’Reilly credits facials at KLS Skincare, Ann Webb and Murad and swears by a simple regime of tinted moisturizer, concealer, some blush from Jouer cosmetics; seems re-creatable, but we’re prone to thinking that whole “maybe she’s born with it” thing.

While we toyed through O’Reilly’s most prized belongings and treasured findings, – she has a knack for discovering the best vintage shoes – she danced around through her living room to her bathroom to the kitchen for Jake’s camera. And though acting holds a top spot in her heart (her latest film, CBGB, comes out today, FYI), we’re foreseeing an O’Reilly restaurant of sorts opening in the near future; apparently she makes a mean blackberry pie and chicken curry soup.