Matthew Zorpas

Creative Consultant & Founder, The Gentleman Blogger. London

Though blogger Matthew Zorpas claims he’s still on a “journey towards becoming a better gent,” we, on the other hand, believe he’s already got there. Turns out Esquire UK agrees. They named him #2 on their annual Best Dressed Male list in 2010; we think he deserved the top spot but, whatever.

We decided to get acquainted with London’s most dapper dude on a lazy Sunday… the day before the actual shoot. The Cyprus-born and bred brains behind “The Gentleman Blogger” welcomed us into his home and acted as the quintessential gentleman offering up tea (when in London, right?) and other assortments. We quickly got to chatting about his extensive background and role in the burgeoning community. In a city so over-saturated with seen-it-all-before style, it was certainly refreshing to hear and subsequently see Zorpas take on it all. And like a true gentleman, he escorted us to the tube after to ensure we arrived back at our hotel safe and sound. (See? He’s got it down to a science.)

And, yes, he dresses the part, too. “Ladies collect shoes, a gentleman collects ties… I have plenty and I will never leave the house without wearing one,” Zorpas told us. “A well-tailored suit requires a Tommy Hilfiger Tailored tie.” Besides, who said you need an occasion to dress-up? “Boutonniere are common in the wedding world, but I love wearing them on casual night-outs,” he confessed. Take notes, guys. For those who are taking style advie from Justin Timberlake’s single “Suit and Tie” – which we can totally get behind, FYI – Zorpas add this: “Bow tie for a date and a regular tie for all other occasions.” And though he seems all dressed with nowhere to go in that navy double-breasted Tommy Hilfiger Tailored blazer, we can assure you that with guest-hosting gigs on Britain’s Next Top Model and projects with Armani, Gucci and more, Zorpas can find plenty of opportunities to look like the best dressed male in the room.

Fast-forward to the next day and after an endless supply of coffee from the Blakes Hotel, we quickly got to work. Once Zorpas stepped in front of the camera, it was clear he was no stranger to the spotlight. We may have broken a few rules by “breaking” into the majestic suite next door to ours for a very necessary background to snap a signature shot of him; but, hey, gotta do what you gotta do, right?