Marta Pozzan

Blogger & Actress. Los Angeles

For a girl who once took style advice from Avril Lavigne circa 2002 or whatever – think: “Volcom hoody and T-shirt, extra large old Levi’s jeans and skater shoes - like a real badass!”– she’s certainly come a long way. “It took me a magazine… or two!” the actress-turned-blogger-turned-model joked.

While she now looks to ladies like Tilda Swinton, Chloe Sevigny, Rooney Mara and BFF (not to mention, Cov-alum!) Jaime King for style cues, Marta Pozzan has a playful aesthetic and bubbly personality that is all her own. Decked in an assortment of Jacquie Aiche baubles, Pozzan welcomed us into her L.A. abode and before we could even get inside her closet, she served us up a tall glass of homemade iced coffee and an assortment of cupcakes and pastries. (Clearly they got the whole #spreadlife memo.) Her home has the whole pinned-to-my-interior-inspiration-board feel to it with a well-curated bookshelf, D.I.Y. inspiration boards above her work space, Toobe floor lamps, stacks of vintage magazines, Jonathan Adler accents and colorful modern furniture. “If I didn’t do what I do, I would probably be an interior designer,” she told us.

We first heard about the young ingénue from our talented from Mr.Jerome Rousseau so we weren’t surprised to discover Pozzan’s sparkly assortment of his namesake soles among her collection. Besides her shameless love for all things Miu Miu, the Milan-born and now L.A.-based girl told us she has a tough time picking favorites when it comes to her shoes; Pozzan had each pair neatly lined up around her bedroom as if it was her own personal boutique – color-coordinated, mind you! Each drawer in her dresser was filled with unique treasures like Lucite bangles, arty sunglasses and quirky accessories. She even has one reserved for her beloved clutches – take cues, kids; treat your bags with respect!

Aside from looking all cute and stuff (did you see those pictures in the Jeremy Scott bodysuit and beanie?), Pozzan’s got a laundry list of modelling, acting and writing (ahem, L’Officiel Italia!) on the horizon. And if there’s one thing she taught us, it’s this: “It’s ok to love fashion; once you have the brain and the shoes, you’re fine!”