Michael DuPouy

Co-founder & Creative Director, La MJC. Publisher, All Gone. Paris

“I won’t say I’m a ‘suit and tie guy’ but I would say I love seeing myself in one. I’m 36-years-old and I still need somebody (preferably a girl) to help me tie a tie!” Michael Dupouy confessed.

One thing Dupouy definitely doesn’t need any assistance with is a lesson in sneaker culture – in fact, the man can (and has!) written a book on it. In 2006, he published All Gone, the first of an ongoing series that was eight years in the making. The goal? “To document the finest of street culture, every year, in a beautiful coffee table book, and pay homage to its most relevant items. [Much like] the iconic sneakers and skate decks it pays tribute to, All Gone is also a true collectable item in itself.” Dupouy is a certified sneaker freak hoarding collecting everything from bespoke Air Force 1s he designed himself (and keeps in a glass case, nonetheless!) to custom Supra designed by his company La MJC. It just so happens that on the very day we popped by the Jack-of-all-trades Parisian pad, he had just launched his very own clothing line, Club 75, in collaboration with his friends from Ed Banger Records, and had a few fine pieces on hand to show us.

Dupouy embodies the Tommy Hilfiger Tailored man to the tee: he’s the confident, self-assured, creative, imaginative yet business-minded type who is totally in tune with what’s happening on the streets and has an appreciation for the finer, but traditional things in life. And though his uniform is more of the jeans, sweater and sneakers variety, Dupouy has plenty of, uh, options to choose from when it comes to keeping his look fresh. “I used to have way more pairs than I do today. I was a pure addict back in the day,” he told us. “Passion never disappears and l’m still really into it. I'm especially into innovation, technology and brand new models.”

But sneakers aren’t the only thing he collects; wait ‘til you see his KAWS collection. “I started collecting KAWS in 1999, when he had his first show at Colette in Paris.” After discovering his serious stash of Bearbricks at his office, we quickly got to chatting about their function (“He is like one of my bodyguards!” Dupouy joked) and subsequently their fashion (we dressed one up in Tommy Hilfiger Tailored jacket and Club 75 hat in true Coveteur artistry). And though technically he’s his own boss, Dupouy said if his KAWS could talk they would have this piece of advice for the driven entrepreneur: “Michael, go back home. It’s late!”