Geri Hirsch

Creator, Because I'm Addicted & Los Angeles

We shot Geri Hirsch because we’re addicted. But, like, actually. Allow us to explain the ways we love thee:

Aside from being the brains behind what feels like one of the fairy blogmothers of the whole biz, Hirsch is basically a modern day, way more glam version of Martha Stewart for the Pinterest-obsessed generation. There’s nothing she can’t do or D.I.Y. A fancy fig and ricotta tangine? Hirsch makes it look like a breeze (even for us non-Giada De Laurentiis-types). An at-home rose water face mist? Jurlique-who? An effortlessly, color-coordinated table arrangement? After watching this one we’re almost confident in our own Suzy Homemaker-skills to re-create it ourselves. A stint in culinary school may have given her that foodie edge, but her former days working as an analyst were a definite contrast to her morning #ootd-type selfies, home décor tips and musings on her bia blog.

Hirsch welcomed us into her home with one of those perfectly “no-fuss-people-pleaser” cheese plates; yes, there’s a video on for that! After fawning over all the quirky decorative details, she led us into le holy closet. One word: Edited. She may or may not have done a little spring cleaning prior to our arrival, but Hirsch certainly knows the secret to living – what we like to call – “The Edited Life.” When it comes to pinpointing her style, Hirsch hands the mic to an unlikely source, Mr. Terry Richardson, as he so poignantly once put it in an issue of Purple: "For such girls every day means a new look. There are no hierarchies in their looks, no good or bad taste headaches, no worries over creative designers versus commercial brands. They're beyond that, smarter than that. They're consumers unburdened by neurotic complexes. They're sardonic and polymorphic punk all at the same time. They like everything and believe nothing. They like the power of brands, but don’t trust in tradition, in luxury, in quality or in any kind of permanence. Every day they dress up differently, and every day they're sexy. What counts for them is what is good for them, right now.” And to that we say: Amen, Terry!