Kate Foley

Stylist and Creative Consultant. New York

“I don’t like to implement any limitations when it comes to dressing; that would be way too dull,” stylist and creative consultant, Kate Foley told us.

She rolled up to The Gramercy Park Hotel, multiple suitcases, a Jennifer Behr headband and a Diptyque candle in hand (last minute extras that got left behind, of course) and greeted us with a friendly flash of her signature red-lipped smile. With a little help from the dapper bellman, we wheeled Foley’s stuff up to the Penthouse suite and began doing a little digging.

Allow us to just put it all out there and confess our (we swear we hate this word) “girl crush.” Admit it; you’ve stalked those streetstyle blogs and been like, “Oh my god! Who is that girl?” before. Her style is “eclectic” (she said so herself); it’s a little offbeat, a little out-of-the-box and full of those head-scratching looks that you always wished you put together yourself but know that if you took two steps past your bedroom door someone would be all, “Uh, what are you wearing?” But Foley makes it all seem a little too effortless. Then again, before becoming the buyer at Opening Ceremony, Foley worked as a stylist and for a wide range of publications.

Piece by piece, we pulled each art-like garment out fawning like children over the magical mix. Amongst the fuzzy, gem-encrusted Preen sweater, Dannijo jewels, real (yes, real) gold and black camo Carrera by Jimmy Choo shades and the glitter versions in dark gold, black and nude, we quickly realized she had a not-so-secret love for, uh, sparkles. “I’m a bit of a magpie and seem to be immediately drawn to anything shiny or crystal embellished. I’m not sure why it is, it’s just natural!” she confessed. While we chatted our mutual love for Suno (her boyfriend, Max Osterweis, is the man behind the brand, FYI), Foley played dress-up, tossing her hair back and fourth and swapping out her Carrera by Jimmy Choo sunnies and metallic shoes.

And though we felt instant outfit envy with each ensemble change, Foley admitted she wasn’t always this pulled together. “I’ve definitely worn outfits that make me look back and wonder ‘What I was thinking?’ but I like that!” she joked.