On Dressing Like a Parisienne Editor

What to wear when seated beside Carine Roitfeld? We have the answer.

On Dressing Like a Parisienne Editor

Oh, Emmanuelle Alt. The Vogue Paris Editor-in-Chief’s f***-yeah-I’m-46 classic beauty and effortless coolness isn’t something that can be replicated on a whim—we can’t give you her cheekbones, but we can spill some of her secrets. And since we can’t all get a makeover from a French “super-modèle” à la Olsen twins in Passport to Paris in time for the city of light’s imminent Fashion Week, we’ve compiled a Parisienne Editor (or should we say, éditeur) style starter kit—think structured blazers, hints of leather and leopard, and a matte red lipstick (Dior, bien sûr).

Alt embodies Paris in the same way Anna Dello Russo does Milan. The former is all about understated elegance, the latter in-your-face and often eyebrow-raising—in the best way possible, of course. Decked in towering heels, toothpick skinnies, and with just a dash of androgyny (Lagerfeld dubbed her a “handsome woman”—we think it’s a compliment?), Alt’s minimalist, formulaic approach to dressing will make you rethink that Forever 21 trend-piece binge. That neon mesh crop top is not going to be a happy memory. Trust us.

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