Monica Paolini & Sean Monahan

Co-Founders, SEA New York. New York

Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan of Sea NY give a whole new meaning to the notion of “keeping it in-house.” Not only do they live, eat, sleep and play in their loft-turned-studio-turned-showroom, but Monica actually acts as the showroom model. With their beds situated opposite one another on one side of the showroom (er, bedroom?), Paolini and Monahan roll out of bed and stroll down to the other side of the loft to start the day, where they handle all of the design and sale themselves, too. And given Sea NY’s dedication to pajama dressing – there’s a matchy-matchy printed silk ensemble in every collection – you can be sure that they’re working in their PJs all day long. Let’s be honest, if you could bypass N.Y.C. traffic, skip the subway thing and the idea that you may actually run into someone you don’t want to see, you would too. But should you find yourself making an early morning coffee run, it’s a good thing their idea of pajamas are the kind you would get shot by Tommy Ton for wearing.

And for a brand that doesn’t show during Fashion Week, – that means they don’t do any runways shows or presentations, Mom – they really work based on their customer (ahem., us!) and her needs. Before getting inside Paolini and Monahan’s respective closets, we couldn’t help but sneak a peek at their latest Spring 2014 collection and gush like crazed fans about how we’re probably their ultimate worshippers. “I suppose saying [the ‘Sea girl’ is] a nice person won’t suffice? So let’s roll with optimistic,” Monahan said. “She is chic, feminine, unpretentious, loyal, and happy to wear Sea. She’s studying, working, traveling and going out on the town but always wants to feel like herself. She’s vibrant, free, and perhaps, modestly provocative.” Yeah, we think we check off enough of those boxes.