Betty Autier & Mathieu Lebreton

Bloggers, Le Blog De Betty & DAAAMN. Florence

It's become a bit of a contemporary fairy tale—you know, the one with the fashion blogger and their photographer boyfriend? Take the pairing of Betty Autier and Mathieu LeBreton, for instance—chances are if you're familiar with le Betty behind le eponymous blog, you're equally well-acquainted with LeBreton. And so after getting to meet the two during LuisaViaRoma's annual Firenze4Ever, where we wound up staying at the same hotel, we knew we had to capture their coupled-up style.

Once we (finally!) found the right hotel room; the two could not have been more down to play dress-up. While the pair are kind of polar opposites, personality-wise (he's outgoing and vivacious; she's more reserved), the two make it work through their mutual loves of art and travel (plus fashion, duh). It turns out that the couple's distinctive personalities and traits extend to what they wear, too. While LeBreton leans towards the more buttoned-up and suave, Autier has this more cutesy, slightly playful thing going on. Pairing fast-fashion pieces from ASOS and Topshop with more out-there, surrealist ones from Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow, her style is one that is entirely idiosyncratic and all her own.

Despite kind of being the quintessential Parisians, the duo's now-not-so-secret ambition to pick up shop and move to the M-I-A kind of reminded us of expat Laure Heriard Dubreuil—anyone else sensing a mass fashion migration to Miami? Oh, and did you really think we were going to not fill you in on the way they met? After first spotting each other at a party for Viktor & Rolf, it was, according to Lebreton, " at first sight. I became the most relentless stalker of her blog! [We began] dating several months after." See what we mean about modern love? Eat your heart out, Tinder.