Athena Calderone

Creator, & Interior Designer. New York

“I have tried on many hats throughout my 20’s and early 30’s: modeling, acting, singing, styling, cooking, designing…you name it, I wanted to be it!” interior designer-turned-food blogger-turned everything told us. “I suppose for years I felt embarrassed by all my creative ramblings and often felt fragmented. Through EyeSwoon all those bits of myself found a home and a voice… EyeSwoon became a way for me to group all those fragmented moments and give them one voice that speaks to all the sides of me: the design-addict, the fashion-lover, the food-obsessed, the mom, the wife.”

Calderone is the girl you can’t help but (you know how much we hate saying this word, but) crush on: those heavy jet-black bangs, bright red lip (it’s Ruby Woo, F.Y.I.), innate style and an eye for anything beautiful. Say what you what about the chameleonic creative creature, but she waves her magical wand at anything and it’s an instant success.

We caught up with Calderone at her Dumbo abode and, as you can imagine, we immediately swooned and then asked when we could move in. Every inch of her home has that signature A.C.-touch - that so wrong, but so right vibe. “I love combining polarizing qualities – using elements that seem like they shouldn’t work, but do – because I think it creates a tension that brings intrigue and curiosity to a space.”

When it comes to style, Calderone is basically the Barbie we never had… but always wanted. We danced through her closet, pulling out red crystal Dolce & Gabbana boots that were made for Madonna and plenty of Alejandro Ingelmo. (“It’s the only sneaker my husband wears, my son just got his first pair and he [Ingelmo] named a shoe after me, which was a massive honor called, ‘The Athena!’”) After chatting about Cov-alums Jenné Lombardo and Jennifer Fisher and our mutual love for Montauk (they have a picture-perfect home in Amagansett), we dressed her up in a series of looks – think: a very Carrie Bradshaw Giambattista Valli dress, that Suno cut-out floral number and a side of Miu Miu and Marant. As passerbys gazed on, Calderone stood on the edge for what may have been one of our most-dangerous-don’t-try-this-at-home pictures; we (minus Jake) covered our eyes the entire time. All in the name of a photo, right?