Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea

Founder, UnderOurSky & Art Director. Paris

After touring CHANEL's couture atelier (and only having landed in Paris about three hours prior), we arrived at Sofia Sanchez's Parisian pad reeling to get down in the her wardrobe. After giving us a tour of her trinkets and treasures—including sentimental jewelry and her collection of wigs— we styled Sanchez in a series of head-to-toe all-CHANEL-everything looks; though we regret to report we left her hairpieces on the shelves this time around. The Buenos Aires-born art director & founder of UnderOurSky, who has worked with everyone from Martha Stewart to Chloé and Vogue China, is the kind of girl that fully embodies CHANEL's ever-evolving contemporary spirit; a girl Sanchez describes as "international.. she travels, appreciates quality and and sees the difference in craftsmanship."

Sanchez's CHANEL girl also evidently appreciates pieces with a bit of, um, history. Sanchez is also no stranger to (ahem) keeping pieces of her wardrobe in the family (something we know all too well), "My first CHANEL piece was an old pair of ballerinas from my mother. I took them from her closet in my early teens and could never give them back, until one day, one of my sisters took them from my closet. I haven't seen them since!" Fittingly then, Sanchez has also turned her 9-to-5 to a full-fledged family affair, bringing her sisters on board to get UnderOurSky off the ground. Maybe those CHANEL flats will resurface around the office one day?

But permanently borrowing pieces from Mama Sanchez's closet is far from the only time Sofia has gone to desperate measures in the name of Uncle Karl. "After the Tribeca Film Festival, where I wore an immaculate CHANEL dress, I had to run straight to JFK to catch a plane to Paris to see Beyoncé’s show. It was worth [it], even after the embarrassing episode at TSA where my studded dress and almost impossible-to-take-off heels made quite the scene." You know what they say... anything for CHANEL (and Beyoncé), right?