Byrdie Bell

Actor & Model. Los Angeles

At first glance, you probably wouldn’t take Byrdie Bell for the “white trucker hat” and gold-nameplate-knuckle ring type.

We caught up with the (newly) West Coast-based actress/model at the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel along with her adorable rescued min-pin, Prince. Although Bell was doing one of those intense multi-day juice cleanses (the kind where you fantasize about food all day), she showed no signs of letting it slow her down. While we chowed down on some breakfast (sorry, Bell!), Prince stayed close by keeping a watchful eye on his momma while she got primped. And, yes, he totally lives up to his royal moniker – lounging on his monogrammed plush pink pillow (real men wear pink, you know), sipping from his paw-printed dish and hanging in his Louis Vuitton carry-on. How can you resist those puppy eyes?

Bell represents everything (we believe) the Max Mara woman stands for: she’s poised, charismatic and confident. “What I appreciate most about the Max Mara woman is that she dresses for herself. She's motivated, stylish and beautiful with nothing to prove,” she told us. And what’s better than playing dress-up with a girl who looks good in, well, anything? And though she looked oh-so-ladylike in a tailored, made-for-her, all-white-everything pant suit and all-aqua-blue-ensemble, Bell’s vivacious, child-like spirit kept everything from feeling like you dug through your mom’s closet. And what would a Beverly Hills Hotel shoot be without the backdrop of their signature green palm wallpaper as a backdrop?

While Jake snapped away at the blonde beaut, we chatted with her about her go-to NYC/LA stomping grounds and her weekend plans, which included the very special Women In Film Awards. You know? That epic event that recognizes Hollywood’s leading ladies in film and philanthropic efforts. “The Women In Film Awards carry weight with me for the same reason that the brand does: the empowerment of women.” We got the scoop of Bell’s red carpet plan for the event and then lent a helping hand dressing her for a charity affair she was dashing out the door to. Like Queen B said, “Who run the world?” Well, we’ll let you answer that one.