Drew Elliott

VP, Brand Integrations, theAudience. Los Angeles

Allow Drew Elliott to explain his style; he says it a lot better than we, or anyone for that matter, can: “If asked to describe my style in a word, it would be villainous. I take a lot of inspiration from Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd in Who Framed Roger Rabbit). I like a balance between cartoon and classic. That said, I almost exclusively wear women’s clothing. I also love to trick the eye. All of my shoes are stacked. Whether it be Givenchy creepers or shoes from 8th street in Manhattan that I have customized on St. Marks street, I must have a little lift.”

As for where this whole aesthetic came from? Elliott points to a photograph that Jesse Frohman took of Kurt Cobain, which now hangs in his dining room.

It’s almost weird envisioning Drewpsie’s (we’re on a nickname basis) LA abode as styled with that exact furniture as it would have been at his NYC digs. After making the move to the West Coast, he packed up his things and shipped it all, only to perfectly be re-imagined with a more laid-back vibe. His whimsical space is filled with a well-stocked bar cart, conversation-starting art of Anna Wintour and Nicki Minaj gossiping in the front row (“Don’t you just want to know what they are saying?”) and one of the most immaculately organized closets, like, ever. His home has sort of become a universal crash pad of for anyone who happens to be in town, too; you could call it a haute-l of sorts. And being that he’s perfectly situated to overlook the Chateau Marmont, it’s by far the most ideal staycation spot.

Elliott’s quiet confidence is stark contrast to his quirky, oversized Prada frames and his career of connecting the creative class. “Bringing people together and creating excitement is part of my DNA,” he confessed. He’s done it all: From his first job doing the list at the Roxy to his longstanding career at PAPER Magazine with Mr. Mickey to surprising kids with a performance by Beyoncé to walking Madonna through side entrances, working with Hollywood's A-List talent at theAudience, to even hat shopping with Boy George in London.
“For a kid from Bloomington, Indiana, I pinch myself everyday.”