Shea Marie

Fashion Blogger, TV Host & Stylist. Los Angeles

Two years ago, Shea Marie of PeaceLoveShea was a “normal girl.” (Whatever your definition of “normal” may be.) “[I] shared a small bedroom with my best friend, worked full-time, interned for a stylist, and bartended on the weekends to make ends meet. I would have never dreamed my little inspiration outlet would have turned into a full career that has me traveling the globe to work with the best brands and the most creative, inspiring people around the world. It’s been an absolute dream come true,” she confessed to us. “It hasn’t come without hard work though. I work all day, every day; I never get a day off.” But for a girl who came from humble beginnings to being whisked away to Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, London, Russia, and Mexico (just this year alone, FYI), she hasn’t lost a smidge of that sweet-as-apple-pie-girl-next-door vibe. Kinda.

We were welcomed into Marie’s pad, which she shares with her blonde bombshell roomie, Caroline Vreeland (yes, great-grand daughter of the Diana Vreeland) with open arms, Triple Berry Shortcake from Sweet Lady Jane and homemade white sangria. Sounds pretty wholesome, right? The sweet shoot started off completely innocent. After styling up a storm, we played with their new kitty, Kat Moss (all they need now is Naomi Cat-bell) and took back a couple shots of this fancy, new – and delicious, might we add; we’re quite the connoisseurs – organic Hanson of Sonoma vodka their friend brought over for us to sample. A few outfit changes later, somewhere between talking about Marie’s diptyque candle obsession and regrettable purchases you buy just cause they’re on sale (we’ve all been there) – our photoshoot took a turn for NSFW Street.

“Cake and sangria and photographer and sneaky best friend...” Okay, we’ll just leave it there. Gotta keep it PG, right?

But like Marie says, it’s not all fun and games; the girl is a work-a-holic optimizing every opportunity she gets. “I can’t even eat a meal without trying to take an Instagram picture of it. My friends have really had it with me,” she joked. Hey, do you guys got 335,000 followers watching your every move? That’s what we thought.