Nikki Reed

Actor. Los Angeles

“I feel like everyday of my life is a funny wardrobe malfunction!” actress Nikki Reed confessed to us.

While Reed may be best known for her role in Twilight (insert teenage fan girl screams for R. Patz here), it’s her recent projects that we’ve been particularly keeping close tabs on. Between touring with Hanson (!!!) and her husband-turned-bandmate, Paul McDonald to trying her hand at a design gig with 7 For All Mankind, Reed has certainly been busy since her days of playing Rosalie. “Sometimes when I'm having withdrawals [from Twilight], I pop a bag of popcorn, put on my flannel PJ's and have my own Twilight marathon in my living room!” she revealed.

We caught up with Reed (and her lovely, mom!) at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles and spent forever ooh-ing and awe-ing over the rings and things adorning her fingers and neck. Turns out her first collection, Mattlin Era, all started with a cuff inspired by her mom’s hands and it was all in the family from there, with each piece named and inspired by her siblings and sentiments. “I love wearing things that come with a story. Some of my favorite pieces were my mom's and most of those she actually hand made. I would say if my style reflects anyone or anything, it's her,” she told us.

We chatted with her about crazy Twi-hards (“The hardest part of letting go of these films is saying goodbye to the fans,”), her style icons (Gwen Stefani, Christina Hendricks, Marion Cotillard), vintage shopping (“I always feel comfortable in a hand-me down,”) and our favorite-most-uncomfortable-to-watch-angsty-teen-film, Thirteen. And she’s got her family to thank for allowing her to co-write the Oscar-nominated movie – can you believe that was a decade ago?

“It is one of my greatest accomplishments,” she said. “It took me a long time and a lot of distance to be able to have the proper appreciation and perspective about it. I think, in all honesty, making that film put my family in a really compromising position, as does making anything that is quote-unquote ‘autobiographical.’” All we can say is, thank goodness she did… cause we may/may not do the whole bag of popcorn, flannel PJ’s thing with that movie on the reg.

PS: Head over to to shop Nikki's look... cause, like, there's hope for all of us to look that good in denim cut-offs, self-made band tee and an army jacket, right?