Cartier Collection Paris Nouvelle Vague

The CoveTour de France previews Cartier's joaillerie collection. Paris.

Cartier Collection Paris Nouvelle Vague
Does a name like Cartier really require any introduction? Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and finely-tuned sense of craftsmanship, the historied house is responsible for some of the, ahem, slightly more extravagant pieces on our wish list. And when Cartier comes calling, asking if you'd like to attend a private preview of their latest line of fine jewelry (excuse us, joaillerie!) in Paris, you answer… fast.

The latest leg of the CoveTour de Europe saw us hopping on a flight over to the city of lights, where we found ourselves hitting the ground running (literally), as we dashed from CDG to our appointment with the big C. Inspired in part by the French film movement from which it gets its name (a little Godard, anyone?), Cartier’s Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection, also takes cues from the architecture of 1930's Paris. The range consists of seven different lines to mirror the moods of seven distinctly different Parisian women: Mischievous, Voluptuous, Impish, Emancipated, Sparkling, Glamour and Delicate; bien sûr.

We arrived to a full spread of Parisian pastries, Cartier champagne on ice, and, well, plenty of Cartier “ice” - all in a showroom decorated with upside down Paris landscapes. We got a crash course in the history of Cartier from the brand's Director of Image and Heritage, Pierre Rainero - learning about Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier's Director of Fine Jewelry up until the late 1960's. Fun fact: She was a contemporary of Coco Chanel and the woman who inspired the iconic Cartier Panthère. We also saw first-hand exactly how much work and thought goes into ensuring that each and every piece is absolutely impeccable. No detail is overlooked - down to the way the clasps sit on the wearers' neck and wrists. Placing a strong emphasis on contrast and juxtaposition, Nouvelle Vague plays with everything from the brand's signature chrysoprase and lapis lazuli, to rose gold, pearls, opal and diamonds. Being handed a pair of white leather Cartier gloves, we (gingerly) did what we do best, giving the collection the TC treatment, while managing to freak out a few security guards in the process. It was almost like they'd never seen millions of dollars in jewelry balance so precariously on a telescope before.

As part of a sponsored project with Cartier.

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