Spice Girls

Baby, Ginger, Sporty, Scary and Posh. London

If you grew up in the 90s, we highly doubt you didn’t wax poetic about the Fab Five: Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Posh Spice. We also dare you not to sing along now when you hear the first few notes of “Wannabe,” “Stop,” or “Spice Up Your Life” at a party. Virtually every girl (and quite a few boys) has a story about dressing up as the Spice Girls with four like-minded friends, fighting over who got to play who; Baby Spice always seemed to be the overall favorite – pigtails and platforms were unanimously cool. Anyone else remember the trading cards or bubble gum? There's a reason why they're still the best-selling girl group of all time (sorry Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle). Their brand of Girl Power defined the decade.

Each girl represented a varying style sensibility: Scary's daring penchant for leopard print, Posh's blunt brunette bob and her (insert bad British accent here) “Lit-tle Guc-ci dress,” Baby's silk slips and pigtails, Sporty's tracksuits and Ginger's thigh-high boots and body-con silhouettes. It easy to see the transformation of these trends into the modern runways today: animal print à la everyone, the sporty-chic thing that Wang revived in 2010 (and back by popular demand by Marc Jacobs for Spring 2013) and we all know Hervé Léger practically pioneered and resurrected the body-con movement. And when it came to making wardrobe choices—or quite frankly, a modern case of 'White Girl Problems'—we could relate to the Spice Girls: “The little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress, or...the little Gucci dress?”

In the same way we lined up to see Spice World in 1997, we were up bright and early bidding on concert tickets for their 2007 reunion—and were glued to the telly during their closing performance at London's Summer Olympics. Have we mentioned that they haven't aged a day? Zig-a-zig-ah!