Sally Hershberger

Hair Stylist. New York

The biggest hair craze celeb hair stylist Sally Hershberger couldn’t stand? If you said Jennifer Aniston’s mane from the Friends days, you win.

Hershberger is an industry vet whose name is synonymous with that signature, sought-after shag she rocks so well herself. Her client list ranges from Hollywood (read: Tom Cruise, Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, Jane Fonda) to The White House (uh, Hilary Clinton!) Fact: When asked whose hair she could change – with full control under her direction, of course – Hersberger confessed a desire to chop away at Clinton’s… again. (In all fairness, we’d probably attack that thing like our brother used to do to our Barbie collection, too.)

When we arrived at her pad, Hershberger let us peek around at her art collection before diving head first into her closet. Her home is a museum-like space filled with works by Tierney Gearon, which we stared at for, like, ever. And while she knows a thing or two about art, it was the hair questions that we couldn’t help but quiz her on; hey, can you blame us?

After creating some of the most recognized hairstyles, Hershberger set her sights on creating a namesake line of hair care products. “The products took me years to develop and I wouldn’t put my name on products that didn’t perform to perfection,” she told us. And while you can’t exactly ask her to play favorites, Hershberger did admit to a few go-tos: Hyper Hydration Keratin Spray (“This is my #1! It transforms hair back to young and healthy,”) Plump Up Collagen Thickening Mist (“For volume,”) Major Body (“For those nights when I want major volume,”) and Wave Spray (“For those days when I want to roll out of bed and go.”)

As for that “perfect blowdry?” Hershberger offered this piece of advice: “I use my Home Heat Straightener and a round brush with 100% natural boar bristles. Lift at the roots for volume, then flip out and away from the face. It’s an instant facelift!” And who said there’s no such thing as perfect?