Irene Neuwirth

Jewelry Designer. Los Angeles

“When I found out about my Swarovski CFDA nomination I was at the office, working. When Steven Kolb called, three of us were in my office and they could hear him say to me on the phone that I was nominated and they started yelling,” jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth told us. “I was a little embarrassed. I felt like I should have acted cooler or something, but it's such a big deal!”

Yeah, like a major big deal. And we know we’re not supposed to play favorites and all (we’re not campaigning for anyone in particular to win, we swear), we do have a soft spot for Neuwirth. After all, she welcomed us into her new Venice digs well-past most of our bedtimes with dinner from Gjelina and wine waiting. Some may say we over-stayed our welcome going back for seconds thirds and eventually moving the party to the couches where Jake may or may not have dozed off for a few minutes. (Give him a break; it was a long day!)

But let’s rewind. We were welcomed by Neuwirth, her right-hand girl, Lizzy, as well as her furry pooch-turned-model, Teddy and slew of slobbery kisses. It’s okay; we’re dog people. We instantly felt at home inside her new space, which she somehow pulled together just mere days after closing escrow for Vogue . “I was compulsively hanging art and photos through the night, rearranging furniture and drinking lots of wine.” But the purchase of her new place was far from compulsive. She admitted to sort of stalking the house, peering in the windows and walking by it for years while anxiously waiting for it to go up on the market. The day the “For Sale” sign went up, Neuwirth put in an offer and went into a worthwhile bidding war; once you see the place, you’ll understand.

Aside from being the brilliant brains behind her namesake line of jewels that instantly makes your credit card read “Insufficient Funds,” Neuwirth’s knack for mixing opals, emeralds and diamonds has collectors and Coveteurs lined up. Remember when Cov-alum Leslie Fremar put Julianne Moore in that emerald cuff for the Met Gala? Oh, and keep an eye out for the rocks on yours truly (Erin & Stephanie) at the CFDA Awards on Monday! As for what Neuwirth is wearing? Emeralds and opals, obviously. And based on her closet you’d assume Mary Katrantzou Erdem or Peter Pilotto… but she’s getting something custom. Stay tuned!