Emily Schuman

Author & Founder, Cupcakes and Cashmere. Los Angeles

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, Emily Schuman is a modern-day Martha Stewart: she crafts, she cooks, she DIYs, she decorates… well, you get the point. Touring Schuman’s personal space is like scrolling through your favorite Pinterest account. There is a “board” full of inspiration for every aspect of your life: recipes you want to try even though you know it will never look that pretty or taste that good, whimsical jewelry storage solutions, a guide to building that signature bookshelf, mixing his and hers style and more. Lucky for Schuman, her husband-turned-business partner is totally cool with working in a blush-colored office – they stocked a whiskey bar in the space to add a masculine touch and “offset the pink walls.”

Though we may have forgotten our pencils and notepads at home, she schooled us in everything from closet organization 101, (“Use the same hangers to create a cohesive look, keep like-minded items together and edit often”) accessory displays (“I don’t believe in storing your jewels; they’re too pretty to hide in drawers”) transforming a $5 picture frame from flea market into an art installation (all it took was some leftover gray paint; no sanding or prep!) and even shared a few recipes for us non-domesticated people.

After catching up with her in Toronto during a pit stop for her book tour, we were eager to see the rest of her collection. “That’s actually the dress I wore when I met my husband,” she said, as we plucked a blue-winged frock from her closet. “It was, by far, the most expensive thing I owned. I was shopping with a friend who discouraged me from getting it… but I went for it anyway. Now I like to think of it as a good luck charm of sorts.”

In true Schuman form, she had pastries from her favorite bakery and coffee awaiting us. We browsed through her home like curious kindergartners asking questions about everything. We got hand it to her, though. She’s a one-(wo)man operation – with the help of her husband and assistant, of course – who turned a whip smart knack for, well, everything into a destination for everyone. “I think the most important thing is to start a blog for the right reasons: because you’re passionate about something, not because it’s a particularly viable business opportunity.”