Tim Kaeding

Designer and Co-Founder, Mother. Los Angeles

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of – it’s denim. And judging from our track history, we clearly have a thing for denim duos (Current/Elliott for starters). But one of our new favorite brands to hit the shelves is Mother, a line designed by Tim Kaeding and Lela Tillem. Tim is an entrepreneur who we admire for his strong work ethic, substantial drive, and his deep-rooted familial values (afterall, his line is named after one of the most inspirational leading ladies in his life). Kaeding, who was born in Virginia, raised in Chicago, schooled in New York and now Los Angeles-based, launched Mother in 2010 as a way to conceptualize a new specialized denim brand – built from the ground up – and one that encompasses all the ideas Kaeding had during his career that didn’t make it through the big brand assembly line (he spent time at both Gap and Seven for all Mankind honing his skills). Simply put, Kaeding is a visionary, putting in 110% of his time, effort, and dedication into everything he does. Mother is designed for the woman who appreciates the newest things – someone who is definitely not a follower, but rather takes risks in both her wardrobe choices but also her lifestyle. And judging from his own mother (who he describes as a “tall, skinny, amazing mom”), it looks like Ms. Kaeding perfectly exemplifies the pulse of the brand. He’s a loyalist to his product of his desired trade, as his attire is dependent upon a two-tone mission: “It’s simple, as I wear two color shirts - light blue and dark blue. I arrange them from light to dark and I stack all my jeans with newest ones on top” states Kaeding. And as someone who knows what he likes (“can’t live without a good chambray! I can’t go a day!”), his closet, in many ways exemplifies the dress code we wish more guys would adopt: simplistic, consistent and straightforward. And, from the looks of it, while he may be established in his own right, it appears to be just the beginning for Mr. Kaeding. But at the heart of the Mother mission is an idea to lead a life of independence, an existence that personifies discovery, and the philosophy behind our newly obsession sums it up perfectly.