Rebecca Minkoff

Accessories, Apparel, & Handbag, Designer. New York

Ahhhh. The second-skin nature of Rebecca Minkoff’s designs…pure heaven. San Diego-born Minkoff launched her line in 2001 as a small apparel range, and since its inception, has grown into one of today’s most coveted (and fashion-forward) line of killer handbags. We must admit – we are serious fans! Her first arm-adorning accessory, aptly titled “Morning After Bag” became an overnight mega success, which only helped further her fashion-forward reputation. She once created a tee shirt that said “I Love New York”, and after its design made its way onto Jay Leno and inside the pages of US Weekly, she knew she was onto something big. Through her never-ending passion and her ability to connect with her consumers, Minkoff has grown to become the #1 independent accessories designer in the USA. Need more evidence? Keira Knightley, Halle Berry and Reese Witherspoon have been snapped toting around her playful handbags to date. Suddenly our arms are feeling quite bare. Miss Minkoff – we’re looking at you!