Ramya Giangola

Founder and Partner, GOGOLUXE. New York

“JESUS CHRIST! This girl re-defines ‘Philophile!’ I think I am in the early stages of carpal tunnel with all the Céline accent copy and pasting,” our copy-writer said to us, post-editing through Gogoluxe founder, Ramya Giangola’s interview.

“I am a dedicated Philophile!” Giangola confessed. “I think what has drawn me to Céline is that Phoebe is uncompromising in her vision; she designs for strong, creative women who balance work and family (just like herself!). Honestly I can’t imagine parting with any of [my pieces], especially as I am saving them for [my daughter], Chiara.”

Giangola greeted us bright and early on a Saturday morning with bagels, lox and cream cheese awaiting our arrival. (Jane Larkworthy was right; word on the street about our appetites travels fast!) After chatting over mimosas, Giangola took us to her immaculately organized and over-flowing closet; we jumped right in there like kids on Christmas morning pulling out piece after piece whilst wiping drool off our chins.

Giangola has all the makings of a Coveteur: Her style is daring (she mixes Comme des Garçons tapestry dresses layered with an Equipment blouse, c’mon!), but always goes back to the basics; tells us she’s never met a nautical stripe she didn’t like. Her home, which overlooks Chelsea Piers, might we add, reads much like her personal style: an eclectic mix of modern architecture filled with ethnic pieces, textiles and colors from travels to India, Morocco and Southeast Asia. Girl’s got a good eye!

Plus, she’s a mom-trepreneur, and you know how we feel about a mom who’s able to drop her kid off at school in stilettos then high-tail it downtown to a meeting at a showroom. Funny enough, Giangola never intended to work in the fashion biz; fact: she was on the pre-law track when she had one of those “Aha!” moments to follow her passion. Today, she works with leading retailers to discover fresh talents and tap emerging markets. Her advice for those trying to make it? “Always be open to new ideas and opportunities; one path may lead to another and it's important to be open minded! You never know what lies ahead…”