Rachel Antonoff

Designer; Rachel Antonoff. New York

“I started my line in Spring '09. It sort of just came together; can't say there is really a good story there,” designer Rachel Antonoff told us. “I started designing things I would want to wear and that is more or less still how I work.” And there really is no better client for her clothing than herself: Antonoff is just as quirky-cool as her signature prints. And though she's definitely gained cult-status, Antonoff humbly says she (and her style) haven't change much: "I still wear the same kind of things and in some cases, the same things, as I did when I was a teenager."

It was a rainy day on the Upper West Side…okay, before this sounds all Shel Silverstein or something let us try that again. (Insert us crumpling up hypothetical piece of paper and tossing it in the trash here.)

We popped by Antonoff's new digs après Brian Atwood’s. She must have spoke to Jane Larkworthy or got the rumored buzz beforehand that the key to The Coveteur’s heart is through their stomachs (it’s called a rumor for a reason, guys!) – offering us the good ol’ classic Eggo waffle. (And, yes, Jake politely accepted.) We quickly got to chatting about her décor (Antonoff used leftover fabric to make pillows; hashtag smart) and her signature cat eye.

“If it feels wrong, it’s right,” Antonoff joked about making that winged liner look perfect.

Recognize her home? Yeah, we thought so. Antonoff teamed up with Girls' Lena Dunham to create a short flick called “BFF” to showcase her Fall 2013 collection, and shot the awkward breakfast and attempt to "expand their social circle," the 2 girls/1 bed scene, and more, at her place. (And for the record, there’s no actual mice there!)

Aside from her love for lip balm and Fantastik cleaning spray (“I keep Bounce sheets hidden around the house like a real psycho,” she confessed) Antonoff shares a not-so-secret love for Bye Bye Birdie and Pretty Little Liars (yes, you read that correctly) with her brother, Jack, who just so happens to be that handsome guitarist in Fun. So now that we got that all out in the open... “Carry on!