Nevena Borissova

Owner, Curve Boutique. Los Angeles

When we were first welcomed into Nevena Borissova's sweet L.A. pad, it became clear that this girl has no shortage of accomplishments—and we're not even talking about “the Usher days,” as Borissova coyly referred to them as. As the owner of Curve—a go-to boutique for McQueen, Wang and Theyskens collections, with outposts in N.Y.C, L.A., San Fran and Miami—Nevena has a keen eye for the unique. We’ve popped by Curve on many occasions, but our last trip to the NYC store certainly reaffirmed our love. We’ve got to say, from the buying to the merchandising, Borissova’s got consistency across the country. Although a particular line carried at the NY outpost, Breeze by KD (Google it, stat!) has ignited an unhealthy and dangerous addiction. But as much as we dig the store, the true holy grail was Borrisova's personal wardrobe. Never-made-it-to-production runway shoes? Check. A stockpile of Céline? Check. She also let us in a very tight-lipped secret store in Paris where, “all the ballers go” for their rare CHANEL. We figured it’s only fair to share, so… Catherine B in Saint-Germain on rue Guisarde. Borissova’s style culminates 15 years in the biz working with everyone from the Missoni family to lunching with Steven Tyler. (Yes, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.) When it comes to her style, Borissova is all about sequins and colour; although if her 4-year-old son, Dorian had it his way, mommy would be in neon from noon ‘til night. Dorian’s got a killer sense of style, too – wonder we he got that from? – but he doesn’t exactly appreciate the finer things in life yet. While digging through her watch drawer, Nevena spilled the beans on a timepiece that was M.I.A. “I had a little rose gold Cartier that I loved so much, but Dorian threw it away in the garbage few years ago.” Oops? No worries. You're forgiven, D.