Mia Moretti

DJ & Designer. New York

Upon entering Mia Moretti’s home, we were floored by her approach to design: angular striped brown/white walls, oversized wicker swings, suede sofas and quirky vignettes. “To me, decorating is about creating stories,” the DJ-turned-recent designer told us. “The same way I tell a story when I'm DJing, I like to tell a story within areas in my house. I'm very much about a vignette, which is probably why we got along so well.”

Moretti greeted us all fresh-faced with tiny flowers woven into her hair. “My friend just did it for me,” she confessed. While we got busy digging through Moretti’s quirky closet collection filled with some of the most offbeat things we’ve seen in a while, the flower child got to work on arranging a variety of fresh bouquets throughout her home. “They make everything look better!” she said, as she began to arrange them by color, while strategically placing them around her space.

While perusing Moretti’s prized possessions, we noticed a theme: a one-of-a-kind collection of Nicole Miller archive pieces…and no, we’re not talking about those jewel-toned, ruched, body-con dresses you may (or may not have) worn to your prom. There was even this Dolce&Gabbana grungy-type wedding dress—“If I designed my wedding dress, it would look exactly like this; I wear it when I'm feeling matrimonial,” Moretti told us—that took us way back to something very reminiscent of Cruel Intentions-meets-The Craft. It’s no secret we’re suckers for anything and everything 90s (see: Clueless, 90 Things We Miss About The 90s, etc.), but Moretti’s collection of vintage treasures brought back a certain nostalgia that makes our job worthwhile.

After showering us with Dunkin’ Donuts—see Jane Larkworthy? The key to The Coveteur’s heart really is through our stomachs—Moretti showed us her latest project: a capsule collection with Pencey, filled with brightly-colored, Beverly Hilton-esque wallpaper prints (you know, like the one we saw at Nicky Hilton and Philip Crangi’s place). Fast-forward a few, and Moretti’s friends, Cleo Wade and (violin-playing band member) Caitlin Moe came by to get in on the action, which quickly
turned into a full-on album cover-like shoot. The more the merrier, right?