Leandra Medine

Author; The Man Repeller. New York

By: Meagan Wilson

It would be impossible to discuss part deux with Leandra Medine without addressing the monumental changes since the last time we shot her; namely, one that dispels her blog's namesake entirely. Try as she might, ("I'm not really married, it's all a façade," she joked) the rock on Medine's finger signals that despite her protests (and wardrobe), she might actually be a man-getter after all. After greeting us in ripped denim and an oversized sweatshirt emblazoned with Kanye West's mug, Medine insisted we all wear matching "Yeezy Taught Me" sweaters during our shoot.

We got chatting about how her blog has taken on a life all its own, evolving from an outlet documenting personal style to a daily destination with lengthy personal essays in addition to fashion world musings. Remembering how the first time we gave her the TC treatment she was only about to graduate ("I remember I was like 'nice to meet you, but I have class!'") really put the whole situation into perspective…but that's hardly all. Man Repelling has also lead to a book deal (coming this September!) and even spawned a clothing line guaranteed to keep all the boys from coming to your yard.

"It's worse than giving birth to a child,” Medine said about writing her book. “When you give birth to a child the supposition is that it's going to be healthy and you figure that out before the baby comes out. My kid is asthmatic and I don't know if the people who are taking care of it have an inhaler!"

After giving us a tour of her new downtown digs, Medine took us to where the magic happens: the closet(s). It’s all about ch-ch-changes: Medine is now into forgoing her signature arm party for daintier jewelry and adopting a more “boring” style (her words, not ours!), “typically wearing some iteration of denim and plaid or a blazer and denim or a suit (and denim).” With her blog transforming and coming of age, she’s quickly becoming a blogger that we used to know. Though we can always say we knew her when...