Kimberly Ovitz

Designer. New York

When we swung by her two-story loft, Kimberly Ovitz had recently made the move from her native L.A. to N.Y.C. Even though we walked right in on the middle of a serious guacamole-making session, she met us at the door with her two adorable English Bulldogs in tow and gave us the grand tour of her new space.

The minimalist downtown designer still radiates a distinctly laid-back, West Coast vibe: sharing her chalkboard of mantras, wall of inspirational images, and the small tree she transplanted to fulfill her "desire to see greenery in N.Y.C." Ovitz bonded with Jake over her collection of vintage cameras and black-and-white shots of musicians. She also filled us in on her reading list and recent transition over to an all-raw diet: "I began with a juice cleanse, which turned into a raw lifestyle. I appreciate simple tastes so much more and feel the best I’ve felt in my life". She also divulged her taste for weapon-like Gucci stilettos (we hardly blame her), experiments in attempting to get her dog Matza Ball to ride her skateboard, and her most surprising style icon, the late Steve Jobs. "I wear a uniform everyday: jeans and a T-shirt. I don’t like to think about outfits. I just like to be comfortable."

Ovitz's ultra-minimal designs totally translate inside her black-and-white digs, and it's clear that she completely lives and breathes her own design aesthetic. Ovitz broke it down for us: "My aesthetic is minimal, sophisticated, clean, easy, edgy. My first season was pretty representative of me, aesthetically: simple beauty, timeless, with feel-good fabrics." Case in point? Her pared-down closet, organized according to color: black, white, grey, with one single red dress, making Ovitz the perfect case study in living an edited life.