Joey Maalouf

Hair and Make-Up Artist. Los Angeles

There’s no better way to spend a Saturday morning than with celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist, Joey Maalouf. (Yes, we’re talking about Rachel Zoe’s BFF and co-star on The Rachel Zoe Project.) We popped by his fresh new pad in Beverly Hills (he recently made the big move from N.Y.C.) and to our surprise, were showered with a full home-cooked breakfast of blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes… mimosas, included! It may have been 10 a.m., but hey, who can turn down a good mimosa? Maalouf went all out: fresh-cut sunflowers (his favourite!), berries, syrup—the works! Post-food, we got right down to business. We were enamored with the sheer meticulousness of Maalouf’s closet; each hanger was perfectly spaced and his shoes perfectly aligned. His L.A. home is filled with colour and texture—pillows gifted by interior designer Betsey Burnham, brightly bound books from BOOKMARC on Melrose and a ton of great finds from This is Not Ikea. We even dressed up his “pet” giraffe—a random purchase that he confessed was bought because it hilariously reminded him of an ex. His bubbly personality and quirky sense of humour kept us entertained all morning. When we asked about online shopping, Maalouf responded: “I like the process of trying things on. I also love a friend’s opinion. ‘You wouldn’t buy a new mini skirt without asking your friends first.’” Any man who quotes Mean Girls is a winner in our books. He even gave us each a mini beauty consultation and spilled some expert secrets, like keeping eye cream in the freezer to help de-puff in the a.m. [Ed note: we tried and tested; it really works!] Maalouf’s style is effortlessly cool and his collection of vintage tees —“The more holes the better,” he said—is one of the best we’ve seen in a while. But the real pièce de résistance was his beauty closet—a true Coveteur first. “Nothing makes me happier then opening my ‘Glam Closet.’ I never have less then 10 bottles of Elnett in my house at all times.”